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Running emacspeak on Vinux 2.0

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

These are the instructions I’ve used to get emacspeak to compile and run on Vinux 2.0 I use the latest version from SVN since the packages included with Debian are out of date. The latest svn has also been updated to work with tclx8.4 which makes life a lot easier. When running emacspeak you either need to run it from a gnome terminal with Orca shut off or a console session with speakup shut off so you don’t get multiple programs speaking. You can do all these instructions as root but I’ve made a note of what steps require root access.

as root
Emacspeak requires emacs 23.0 or higher, but this isn’t available in Debian by default. To get a version of emacs that will work with emacspeak add the following lines to your sources.list file.

deb lenny main
deb-src lenny main

These versions of emacs are snapshots of the code from CVS so aren’t guaranteed to be stable or work but I had no problems. To add the pgp key of the repository we just added execute the following command.

finger rfrancoise/ | apt-key add -

then run

apt-get update

We now need to install emacs, as well as the tools to compile emacspeak. Execute the following commands to install the necessary packages.

apt-get install emacs-snapshot-nox tclx8.4 tclx8.4-dev subversion

Note, I use emacs-snapshot-nox since I don’t intend on running emacspeak from anything but a terminal but if you want a version of emacs with x-windows support just install emacs-snapshot instead of emacs-snapshot-nox

Now we need to check out the latest version of the emacspeak code, compile, and install.
You can execute the following as root but I execute it as a normal user. The mkdir commands are optional but I didn’t want a directory named trunk in my home directory so I created a src/emacs directory

mkdir src
cd src
mkdir emacspeak
cd emacspeak
svn co
cd trunk
make config
make emacspeak

as root
make install
as either root or a normal user
cd /servers/Linux-espeak
as root
make install
To launch emacspeak just run
emacspeak -e
Emacspeak should start using espeak as the speech synthesizer.